EASY STEPS to Learn how to make a Rosary or Scapular Try one of our Rosary or Scapular Kits for beginners!




You have now completed the first "half" of your scapulars.

These must be attached by the cords to the word prints.


Prepare fusible web cut to  1  3/4"  x  1  3/8"  rectangle

as you did for the face prints. 


The Word Prints are slightly smaller than the face prints.
Match fusing to print and trim away excess.

 Place wool strip and word prints on ironing surface
and iron fusing under word prints in place
just as you did for the face prints.

Lay the six finished Face Prints out on your cutting surface.
Grasp cords from each individual scapular between 2 fingers as shown.
Slide fingers down toward the Word Prints
to flatten and uncurl the cords for placement under
the Word Prints wool strip.


Pin Cords in place or use Liquid Stitch, as you did for the face prints,
remembering to keep the cords perpendicular to each of the prints.
Pin only the cords; avoid pinning the print.


Run a basting stitch indicated by the white dashes above
across the top of the wool strip, close in to the prints,
to secure the cords, just as you did for the face prints.


Blanket stitch or ZigZag borders around word prints
using the same method used for stitching the face prints.
Begin 1/4" from the print edge, sew 1/4" past the right corner and pivot, etc...

Stitch a border around all six prints.

Separate word prints as usual using a rotary cutter or scissors.
 Trim both sides and bottom.
Fold cords down as usual to trim the tops.

Make a final inspection for lint, stray threads and fibers.



You have now completed your Washable Woven Brown Scapulars!
Hold them up and admire your work!

And pray, as a Scapular Maker in the service of Our Lady


To bind the scapulars for storage and distribution,
fold the cords lengthwise over the scapular and tuck in the ends.
Or tie in a "shoe lace bow."