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Enclose the printed form with your payment: Check or Money Order

Make your payment out to: PrayTheRosary Apostolate.

For most Mail Orders: We ship USPS Priority Mail.

For those who prefer, we offer the Mail Order option. Mail Orders require different handling than internet orders. We must ship on good faith, hoping personal checks will clear. They require a trip to the bank, paperwork and more time. It is quite impossible to predict which type and quantity of our products a mail order customer may require. Packages must be delivered to the post office rather than by pick-up as with our regular internet account. Mail Orders require more time for communication to prepare the final Order before shipment. For all of the above reasons, we charge slightly more for the handling fee on Mail Orders, while keeping the price for the product the same as for internet orders.

Please include the proper amount for shipping for the Kit(s) you have ordered as listed on the Mail Order Form.

* We cannot guarantee availability of stock to our mail order customers: Out of Stock items will be back-ordered


Note: If you have ordered the Rosary Makers Lap Tray, alone or with Kits, your entire order - Tray plus Kit(s) will ship for a flat fee of $12.50



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Print odd numbered pages first; reverse the paper; print even numbered pages