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Pictured above: Father G. Maria Raju, beloved friend of our apostolate



As many of you  may know, through our family apostolate, PrayTheRosary, we have filled requests from individuals for rosaries, scapulars and medals for the past twenty years. While our retirement and my illness brought this work to an end, these good Servants of the Lord  are always in need of MORE ROSARIES.

We charged no fees, and we supported the cost of our work by selling  rosary and scapular making Kits through our online store


We encourage all of our Rosary Makers to do the same! Sell your better items and use your profit to buy supplies to support the Missions throughout the world.  


If a certain type of rosary is specified, PLEASE follow those directions.

Address your shipping labels as stated.

Follow regulations for shipping packages to certain oppressed countries:

It is vitally important that the Customs Form must be filled out correctly so the Missions are not charged a high tax on the package.

Please see our Shipping Tips for more information



ANY STYLE ROSARY, ANY AMOUNT - lightweight oval plastic cord rosary without center piece are the least expensive to ship.

You may choose to make rosaries using the method first created by the esteemed Archbishop Fullton J Sheen, known as The Mission Rosary.

 Current Verified Requests as of 10/1/16


 Some pictures of Missions we have supported


Father Raju has been transferred...we will post his new shipping address shortly.

Dear Loving Benefactor,Greetings of love, joy and peace to you and May the Almighty shower His abundant blessings upon you and your near and dear ones with good health, prosperity and Success. May the Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for you and help you to succeed in your mission. It's a great privilege, an opportunity and a blessing for me to introduce to you who are so generous, kind and loving towards the poor, down trodden and Catholic Church.

Dear Loving Benefactor, I am Fr. GODAVARTHI MARIA RAJU ordained priest in 2005. Now I am appointed as the parish priest of Vuyyuru parish of Vijayawada Diocese and this is my first appointment.  Vuyyuru parish consists of 26 mission stations with 8200 Catholics. Our Catholics are from labour community, poor and they work as seasonal daily laborers and earn $1 per person per day which comes Rs.40 in Indian currency.  My Sunday collection is around $9 U.S. dollars. All our Catholics are from Dalit community who are treated as untouchables by majority. Majority of our children are illiterates and they are child labourerers.  But they are strong and firm in their Catholic faith In our parish I am encouraging Devotion to Mary and I am insisting on daily praying of Rosary both in the  prayer huts and in the catholic homes.   

Our Catholics come and ask me for Rosaries for free of cost because they cannot afford to buy a Rosary, or a religious article and statues in the village chapels.  For the coming month of October I requested all the Catholic families to pray Rosary  with out fail and they should conduct a procession to Our Lady    at the end of Month with big celebration.

Dear Loving Benefactor, you can understand the situation of a newly ordained and newly appointed parish priest. I am a poor parish priest with no help and financial support. I have no benefactors and I have to maintain the whole parish with Sunday collections I get and a little help from the Diocese.  I am in despair, finding difficult and struggling with the situation.  I have plans and ideas but no financial support.

UPDATE: 10/09


Dear and loving Friends,
I am Fr K Arulappa from the diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am in a mission parish and my parishioners are from a tribal community. There are 6 mission stations and among these 6 mission stations 4 stations have chapels and the rest have only places, not even prayer huts. My parishioners were once catching snakes and living on that. Now they have stopped that and go for daily wage earning. Their children have no education. Therefore "Blessed Mother Teresa Orphanage" is started and there are at present 45 less fortunate and marginalized children. Whatever you provide I make use of that for my mission work. More than that I will be happy to receive holy mass intentions and I will celebrate the masses with grateful heart and pray for you too.
With sincere thanks in advance, lots of love, all good wishes and prayerful regards, I remain.
Yours in the service of Infant Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph


Dear Brothers and Sisters  in Jesus and Mary
Greetings from the faithful of Mizoram. We are small diocese with young and vibrant Church here in Mizoram working an d witnessing to the Catholic Faith among a big number of Protestant denominations. We need  your prayers and constant support. We shall be grateful to you if your could send us Rosaries, books abd Holy articles for the use of our Laity in the mission field.
The Laity are so good and faithful in supporting and encouraging the priests  in the field of evangelization. We make regular programmes for the visit and proclaimation of Catholic Faith and message along with the Laity.We regularly pray for the universal Church and specially for the mission helpers who dedicate towards helping  the people work in the mission field.

May God bless you and encourage us to follow His footsteps of Jesus  after the model of Mother Mary




May our dear Mother Mary bless you and your generosity for your great sacrifice. I am Brother Viagulum, the team leader, 84 years old, no wife, no children. I got the partcel of rosaries. May the Eternal Father bless you. May Jesus bless you. May His mother bless you. May all cherrrubims bless you. May all angels bless you. May all saints bless you.

Hundreds of people are praying for you, for your family and for all Rosary Makers. Please do continue to send more rosaries, old chalice. Thank you so much. I have a team of priests to celebrate Masses.

Yours in Mary, - Br Viagulam


My name is Sister Rosamystica of the Congregation of Immaculate Heart Sisters of

Africa. Currently I live Morogoro and studying at Sokoine University in Morogoro,

Tanzania. I am studying Bachelor of veterinary medicine.
We have house of orphans and disable children and mature women and men,also we

near by center of street children.Those people dear friends they need to praise God and

know our mother virgin Mary.Also near our university there is a house of candidates and

postulate of Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mugolole. Getting of these sacramental will help

these people to pray.

We need Religious Articles such as Rosaries, Statues and Statuettes, Prayer books.

Crosses, Holy cards for our daily Devotions, any materials which will make our Christians

to know and worship our God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and our Mother Virgin Mary. Most of the

them are still young so if they will find different books it will help them. We are praying

for you so that you continue to help Gods people since all of these are either hard to

come by or are beyond our ability to pay for, I am writing to ask whether it is possible for

you to assist us with any of these Articles. I will be very grateful. 



St. Philomena Rosary Group - Pakistan

Thank you so much for your concern and prayers.
I'm sending you my postal address so that you may be able
 to send me rosary for our Rosary Group.
Our Rosary Group consist of more than 60 families
and we distributing free Rosaries to our people with the help
of people like you. we are high appriciate you and gratful to you
for your genrosity. My Postal address in here under.



I am Bro. John Aldrin a. Ilao  a seminarian from a religious congregation .I am requesting for  more or less 250  rosaries to be given to the children who are in need. Based on my observation, in our place some children want to pray the rosary but unfortunately they cannot able to have it.I am hoping that my request will be granted. I want to be God's instrument in promoting  Marian devotion as part of my apostolate. We need to respond on the needs of our world  because our world need more prayer for the sanctification of the world. Thank you and God Bless.Jesus and Mary give us your holy blessing


Ave Maria!
I am Bro. Alvin Keith S. De Perio, a member of the Mission of theImmaculate Mediatrix, a lay branch of the Franciscans of theImmaculate whose primary objective is to make our Blessed Mother to beknown and loved as well as to spread the devotion to the Holy Rosary.I only been inform of your group through a good friend of mine. I wasgiven information about your guild and I was very happy that there aresome groups that promote the Rosary as a sure means in reachingparadise with our Lord. Our group is reaching out to the poor and theforgotten members of our society here in the Philippines by the meansof distributing rosaries so that their faith will be furtherstrengthen and their hope increasing. We are doing this for many yearsand since then, many returned to God and to our Holy Catholic Faith.Since that our group is in dire and in perennial need of rosaries forour distribution, I decided to write to your good office.

In view of this, we humbly ask your group to help us by sending us 200pieces or more of your mission rosaries for our mission distributionas well as 3 pieces of mission chained rosaries as gifts for mysuperiors. Another, please include my name in behalf of our group andaddress in your mailing list of Missionary distribution list ofrosaries. My name and address are the following:


Dear Greetings to you in the sweet name of Jesus.  I am a catholic priest working in the southern parts of India.  May I kindly request your goodself to give me some rosaries freely so that I can give to the people who do not have one to pray.  Thanking you

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Br.Emmanuel Obele Maria
No.11 Eboh Road

Warri Oil City
Delta State 00941
Nigeria   W/A.

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I am very glad to say that I am the great devotee of mother Mary. Even now in my personal and private time, especially in the journey times, I continue to recite rosary individually. But after coming to this interior and tribal parish, I noticed that the devotion to mother Mary and the faith element– “through Mary to Jesus”- is missing. The reason for this is because of the great competition and domination of the Protestantism. It’s shocking for me to know that even in this small area there are nearly 18 denominations, preaching falsely about Catholicism and mother Mary
Thus I desire and wish to start the MARIAN DEVOTION in my parish.