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Nineteenth century Apparitions of Christ and the Blessed Mother
to a nun named Sister Apolline Andriveau
delivered the request  for propagation of a new devotion,
the "Red Scapular of the Passion of Our Lord
and the Sacred Hearts and Jesus and Mary."

Our Lord told Sister Apolline that He longed for consideration
of His sufferings and that His mother desired the same.
Our Lady told her "The world is hurrying to its perdition,
because it considers not the Passion of Christ,...
"Do all you can to bring and consider His sufferings.
Do all you can to save the world!"

 "All those who wear this scapular shall receive every Friday
an increase of faith, hope, and charity."
- Words of Our Lord to Sister Apolline.

According to St. Joseph's Provincial House  
investiture of the Passion sacramental is no longer required.
It is simply blessed and worn.
"The graces depend upon the faith and confidence of the wearer."

Regulations state that the red scapular of the Passion
must be made of red woolen cloth and bands. 
On one segment of wool is Jesus on the Cross,
below which are the implements of the Passion
and the words,
“Holy Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Save us.” 
The second piece of cloth bears the image
of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, above which is written,
“Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, protect us.”

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Our instructions below are based upon
the use of materials we include in our kit,
which makes 2 completed scapulars.

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Wool or felted wool
Two 19 inch Braided cord or Middy braid
Iron on images
Sharp Scissors or Rotary cutter
Quilter's square or any straight-edge

Scapulars may be machine or hand-stitched.

>>>see bottom of page for hand-stitch method<<<

The scapulars are comprised of iron-on and stitched images bound to two layers of wool.



Set iron to wool, no steam

Our Kit includes 4 strips of wool cut to 2½ x 5"

Place images on 2 top strips of wool as shown below,
about an inch apart and ¼ inch from the top edge of the wool.

Keep iron steady in place over the image for a few seconds,
just the time it takes to say the prayers.
Once the adhesive is set, pay particular attention to
the corners with the tip of the iron to be sure
the images are firmly affixed.
The images will be sewn in place in another step.

Pray while ironing:
"Holy Passion of Jesus Christ, save Us" 
"Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, protect us."


Braided cord is included in our Kit.
The ends fray very easily as soon as the cord is cut.

Place a dab of Liquid Stitch or other fabric glue
on bottom layer of wool and set cords in place
about ½ inch in from the top of the wool strip.



Layer one image strip over one cord strip,
and press down with fingertips to set glue in place.



Be sure the cords are centered behind the images,
and the top edge of the wool strips are flush.
The other edges of wool will be trimmed away after sewing.

Glue the cords in place to the second bottom layer
as shown in the previous step.
Position the image strip over the cord strip and set the glue.

Your strip sets are now ready for machine stitching.


red thread

To secure the cord, run a basting stitch slightly above the images all the way across the wool strip,
not stopping between images, as indicated by the dashed line above.

Then set machine stitch width to the widest on your machine.
Set the stitches per inch to the smallest size.
(most stitches per inch)
Choose a blanket stitch, or ZigZag stitch, close set or wide.
Test stitch on scrap first; check for tension adjustments
on your own machine.

Sewing machines differ, so check to see that the width
of your stitches is at least 1/4 inch wide.


Stitch all the way around the image using the method shown below:


We have highlighted the area of wool to be stitched around the images.

Sew a Blanket or ZigZag stitch across the top of the face print,
beginning  ¼  inch before the image and ending  ¼  inch after the image as shown.
One side of your stitch should catch the very edge of the image;
the other side of the stitch extends to form a finished edge
from which the excess wool will later be trimmed.

Stitch across top of wool, keeping the cords straight as you go over them.

Leave the needle in place at that last stitch, raise the presser foot, and pivot the wool strip to align the right side of the image for sewing.

Lower presser foot and stitch over the previous stitches
to form the corner.
Stitch down the right side.

Continue stitching all four borders; backstitch as usual over the starting point to knot off.


Rotary or Scissor cut

Trim excess to form a 1/4 inch border,
being careful not to catch stitches with the blade.




Cut 2 layers of wool  2 x 2¼" for each scapular image.
You may iron on images first to secure in place.

With white thread, sew images to top layer of wool.

Use fabric glue as above to attach cords to bottom layer;
place sewn top layer on bottom layer, centering image over cords.
Let dry before sewing border stitches.







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