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Pro-Life Rosary



Many Rosary Makers may wish to make Rosaries to promote the Pro-Life Movement. These Rosaries are special in that they are usually made with a variation of white, and pink and blue Beads, symbolizing the lives of so many little babies lost to the sin of abortion.

Please consider making Rosaries for your
local Crisis Pregnancy Center,
or donating them to other charitable causes
which promote the dignity of all life,
from conception to natural death.

If you have never made a Rosary before,

you will want to review our Instruction pages before beginning work on your Pro-Life Rosary.


Please pray for all women who may find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. And for the fathers of those babies whose lives will be ended. Pray for all families affected by the scourge of abortion.

We offer the following suggestions to choose from in making your Pro-Life Rosary. 

For your Pro-Life Rosary, you may wish to choose
a Center piece which calls to the prayerful mind images of those Special Patrons who intercede for us before God in the cause of preserving the lives of babies who may be aborted, and the Elderly, Coma Victims and other disabled, attacked by the evils of euthanasia and assisted-suicide laws.

Pro-Life Rosaries are traditionally made
with some combination of pink and blue beads.
Pink to commemorate the lives of girls,
blue for boys and all those in danger
from the Culture of Death.
A white or other decorative bead may
be used for the Our Father beads,
symbolic of God's grace.

White Paters with alternating Pink & Blue Aves

Alternating Pink & Blue Decades with White Paters

White Decades with alternating Pink and Blue Paters


Any style Crucifix is appropriate.



The "Right to Life" Rosary is offered by praying the

traditional prayers of the Rosary,
the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Fatima prayer,
but one adds particular intentions

for the preservation and defense of all life,
using various color beads.

The "Right to Life" Rosary is constructed
with a total of 59 beads
as usual for any rosary.

You will need the following color beads:
3 purple or violet
3 blue
5 aqua
5 black
5 green
9 red
29 white or crystal

Use white or crystal for all of the Pater beads.


The beads are arranged in the following order:


One of our Rosary Makers adds a little medal
or charm to her Pro-Life Rosaries,
attached by a jumpring at the Center piece.
This is a lovely touch to keep the focus on
the tiny lives being saved
by the prayers of the Holy Rosary.

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O Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all,
We turn to you today as the one who
said "Yes" to Life.
"You will conceive and bear a Son,"
the angel told you.
Despite the surprise and uncertainty
about how this could be,
You said,
Be it done unto me according to your word."

Mary, we pray today for all Mothers
who are afraid to be mothers.
We pray for those who feel threatened
and overwhelmed by their pregnancy.
Intercede for them,
that God may give them the grace
to say yes, and the courage to go on.
May they have the grace to reject
the false solution of Abortion.
May they say with you,
"Be it done to me according to Your word."
May they experience the help of Christian people,
and know the peace
that comes from doing God's Will.

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Mother and Child image from: mikehuckabeepresident2008.blogspot.com