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Make a Pinked Border Scapular



A method for finishing the edges of a Brown Scapular
can be to cut a border with Pinking Shears.

Pinking can be done with large shears
or with a "pinking" blade on your rotary cutter.

If you will be making scapulars for a particular organization,
some will require the scapulars to be finished by this method.

Brown color 100% Wool must be used to make
the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
commonly known as the Brown Scapular.

Many organizations send brown wool already cut into strips;
most will supply a volume of fabric which first must be cut into strips.
Some will supply Cord wound as a bolt
which you must cut into specified lengths.
With others, the Cord is pre-cut.
You will also receive a "page" of images which must be individually
cut to size. 

Using this method, pinked border Brown Scapulars
may be easily mass produced.
In our instructions below, we will produce four Scapulars at a time;
adjust the measurements to produce more.



Fold  a portion of wool over on itself to make 2 layers.
With a chalk line mark the place  to cut strips  2  1/2 inches wide .
It is a little tricky to cut a straight line with the pinking shears
if you have never worked with them before.
Cut right on top of the chalk line. The wool moves a bit while cutting.
This cut forms the top finished edge of your scapular so try to be
as precise as possible.
With a  pinking rotary blade, cut against a straight edge ruler.

If producing scapulars in bulk, cut the remainder of the wool
into the same width strips, and stack the wool strips for later use.


We will be working with strips  2  1/2 "  wide  x  10  1/2" long.





Scapular Cord, called "Middy Braid" may be brown, black or white.

Cut lengths of cord to your organization's specifications, usually 21 inches.
Cords for Scapulars intended for use by adults are usually cut to this length.
For children's Scapulars, 18 inch cords are preferred.

To cut cord in bulk, lay a number of loops of cord over on itself
on a flat cutting surface to 22 inches wide.
Use inch guide on cutting mat or yard stick to mark out 21 inches.
Place tape over cord., then wrap as shown.
 (Painters Blue Mask tape works very well.)
Secure the loops with tape at both ends, marking the cutting position.
Cut at the taped edges
OR, cut cords individually to 21 inches.

Leave one end taped for easy handling of cords while you work.

Cord may be ironed if needed, with or without steam.



Affixing the Images

Warm iron to silk/wool setting, NO STEAM,  and test on a scrap image.
If the iron is too hot, the white adhesive from the back of the image
will ooze out onto the wool.
If it is too cool, and the image will not adhere properly.
Adjust heat accordingly.

Position the face images on a single layer wool strip  1/4  inch
from the top pinked edge
and 3/4" apart, enough space to later cut a  1/4"  border between images.

To keep images clean, place an ironing cloth of some transparent material
over the image. Pellon works very well for this step.
Iron the images in place while praying:
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us! St. Simon Stock, pray for us!
This is just enough time to set the adhesive image, thus making your work
into a prayer.
Prepare the word images in the same way on a single layer strip of wool.



Place a bottom layer wool strip beneath the prepared face image strip,
matching the pinked edges as closely as possible.

Align cut cords beneath each face image, and dot each cord end
with a bit of Liquid Stitch or other fabric glue.
Allow glue to dry before sewing - just a few minutes.
Cords may be pinned in place. Pin only the cords: do not pin the images.
Center the cords between the edges of the image.
Cords must be perpendicular to the images.

Pin the wool strips together at various points to avoid slippage while sewing



Load Machine top spindle with white thread, bobbin with brown thread.


On Pinked Border Scapulars, the images will be sewn on as well as glued.
You will be sewing an inside border,
following the lines imprinted on the images.
The stitching starts at the point indicated by the red dashes above,
to firmly affix the cords in place,
and continues around the lines
to permanently affix the image to the wool.


Begin sewing at the point indicated, slightly above the imprinted line.

Leave the needle in place at that last stitch, raise the presser foot,
and pivot the wool strip to align the right side of the patch for sewing.

Lower presser foot and stitch down the right side line,
pivot at the bottom corner, and so forth.
Finish at the end of the top line; secure stitches by reversing
a few stitch lengths.


Attach Cords to word images

Lay the six finished Face Images out on your cutting surface.
Grasp cords from each individual scapular between 2 fingers as shown.
Slide fingers down toward the Word Images
to flatten and uncurl the cords for placement under
the Word Images wool strip.

Liquid Stitch or pin the cords, centering them under the word images.

Pin the wool strip together.

Begin sewing the word images at the point indicated. Sew around all
the lines and finish at the top line, just as you did for the face images.


Mark a chalk line between finished images
about 1/4 inch from the edge of each.


Use your rotary pinking blade or shears to
carefully cut on the line to separate each scapular to form
a border of wool approximately the same width on all sides.

Hold up your finished scapulars and admire your work!


To bind the scapulars for storage and distribution,
 tie cords in a "shoe lace" bow.