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 Our Lady's Scapulars                                    




Jesus is the great sign of the Father’s love.

He founded the Church as a sign and instrument of His love. Christian life also has its signs. Jesus used bread, wine, water to help us understand the Mystery of Faith, which we can neither see or touch.

In the celebration of the Sacraments, we see many outward signs and symbols of their meaning and grace. The Church has others related to some event, to some tradition or some person.

One of the signs in the tradition of the Church from many centuries ago is the

Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

It is a sign approved by the Church
and accepted by the Carmelite Order
as an external sign of love for Mary,
of the trust her children have in her,
and of commitment to live like her.

The Order of Carmelites takes its name from
Mount Carmel in Israel.
Saint Simon Stock entered the Carmelite Order
and soon after, he was sent to the Holy Land
to lead a life of prayer and penance.
He had a great devotion to the Blessed Mother
and his Order began to prosper in spite of severe opposition.

He prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary for Her assistance, and on July 16, 1251, She appeared to him.
Extending Her hand to him, She held the Brown Scapular and said:

"Receive my beloved son, this habit of thy order:
this shall be to thee and all Carmelites a privilege
that whosoever dies clothed in this garment
shall never suffer eternal fire."

The word scapular indicates a form of clothing,
which monks wore when they were working.

With the passage of time, people began to give symbolic meaning to it: the cross to be borne every day as disciples and followers of Christ.

In some religious orders, such as the Carmelites, the Scapular turned into a sign of their way of life.
The Scapular came to symbolize the special dedication
of Carmelites to Mary, the Mother of God,
and to express trust in her motherly protection
as well as the desire to be like her
in her commitment to Christ and to others.


The Carmelite Scapular is not:

> a magical charm to protect you

> an automatic guarantee of salvation

> an excuse for not living up to the demands of the Christian life

For over 700 years, the Brown Scapular has been one of the most precious gifts, and highly indulgenced sacramentals of the Church.


 The Green Scapular

Badge of the Immaculate Heart

 The Green Scapular is a single piece of green felt wool and braid with a picture of the sword and dripping blood,
surmounted by a cross and encircled by the words: "Immaculate Heart of Mary,
pray for us now and at the hour of our death."

The Green Scapular is truly a remarkable piece of cloth.
The devil has no power over whoever makes it,
wears it or spreads devotion to it.
All who wear the Green Scapular confirm to the evil one, that they are agents of the Mother of God
and the devil knows he is powerless to hurt them.
God wills the Green Scapular to become a badge,
a most sure barrier to the evil one's assault upon the soul.

The manner of using this scapular
was indicated by the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Since it is not the emblem of a confraternity
but simply a double image attached
to a single piece of cloth, no investiture is necessary.

The only requirement is that the Green Scapular
be blessed by a priest and worn or carried
by the person wishing to benefit by it.
However, in the case of necessity for whatever the reason, the Green Scapular may be placed secretly
inside another's clothing, home or possessions,
and the giver should say the prayer instead.

The only prayer necessary,
which may be said many times daily,
but should be said at least once a day is:

"Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen"

 Although many graces are obtained, they are proportionate to the confidence with which it is given.

"To come to the assistance of any person who uses it as an act of love for me and I shall bless all hearts on earth who spread devotion to my Green Scapular."

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There are many other types of Scapulars.

Here on Rosary Makers Guide

we offer instructions for making both the

Brown and Green Scapular.