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          Charts to Help with Measuring for Parts


Most parts suppliers will refer to "millimeters" when indicating the size of beads, eyepins, jump rings, etc. Become familiar with the conversion of inches to millimeters (mm) so that your "mind's eye" can see how large a part will be.



Choose the right size eye pin for your beads
 or you'll be struggling your way through making things fit.

The larger the bead, the larger the eye pin.
Too large eye pins may be trimmed with wire cutters or the cutter on your rosary pliers,
but may result in uneven sizes and slow your progress. If you'll be making your own eye pins,
cut all wires to the same size before begining your rosary.


Oval, Oblong and other odd shape Bead Sizes
are always Measured
Length x Width

Round, Faceted, Bicone and Other
Round Shape Beads
are Measured by the Diameter

Crucifix and Center Piece may be sold by measurement in Inches or Millimeters

Refer to chart below for figuring
the finished size of rosary bracelets
and/or how many beads of a particular size
are needed for spacers and embellishments.




 Wire Measurement:
The lower the number, the thicker the Wire



Cable Chain works best for Rosaries

1 foot of chain = 34  3-link cuts

14 links needed per rosary



What about Size of Crucifix and Center relative to bead size?

We did a little math and came up with a formula
that might help if you think your Crucifix looks too small, or the Center Piece too large. We looked at a number
of rosaries offered for sale at various sites
and compared the size of the findings to the size of the bead. The most appealing, in our opinion, were the ones
that had a certain proportion about them.

We found that a somewhat uniform ratio exists
between all the parts: 3 to 2 to 1/2

That is...the Crucifix is approximately 3 times the size
of the center piece....the beads are approximately half the size of the center piece.

 This is no set rule, but rather a preference.

The beauty of all rosaries  lies in the eye of the beholder!