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Rosary beads can be linked together with Cord, Wire or Chain. A Chain Rosary is by far the most popular style made by Rosary Makers.

Throughout all of our Instructions, the Our Father Beads are referred to as "Paters" and the Hail Mary Beads are referred to as "Aves." 

If you have not already done so, and this is the first chain rosary you have ever made, you will need to learn some basic lessons about Rosary Making. Before beginning, become familiar with and practice the techniques described in the following Lessons:




Assemble your materials: Pliers, Crucifix and Center, 59 Beads, Eye pins, 1 Large Jump Ring and 3 small Jump Rings, and 14 lengths of cut chain.


Open a large jump ring and attach to the Crucifix, leaving it open for the next step.


Add a length of chain to the jump ring
and close the ring.


"Build" the center by attaching the 3 small jump rings to each side of the center, adding a length of chain to each, and then closing each jump ring securely.


Beginning with the chain attached to the Crucifix, add 1 Pater bead. Open the other end of the eye pin and add a length of chain.

Some Rosary Makers like to use a slightly larger size bead for the 6 Paters of the same style bead as the Aves.
Or you may choose to use a different style Bead altogether for your Paters.

This adds a lovely look to the completed Rosary.

Link 3 Ave beads together, adding a length of chain to the eye pin on the 3rd Ave.


Turn the set around and open the link of the first eye pin to attach it to the chain of the Our Father bead.


When these steps are completed, the first part of your rosary will look like the picture above:
1 Pater, chain, 3 Aves, chain, 1 Pater, chain, jumpring, Crucifix. 

Make note of the Top Face of the Center Piece before attaching Beads and Crucifix to Center.


Open the link of the last Ave eye pin and attach bead set to the chain on the bottom of the Center.

Make sure the front image of the Center is facing the same way as the face of the Crucifix.

Build 4 Pater  "sets"
Set aside while you build the Decades



Some Rosary Makers like to build the Rosary in a continuous method, one bead after the other,

 rather than separating the Paters from the Decades, as we have shown.

Whichever way you choose to build your Rosary is a personal preference.

Begin building your decades. Leave the link of the last eye pin open to add the Pater bead/chain set.

 A decade consists of 10 Hail Mary beads separated by a lengths of chain attached to Pater beads.


After completing your first decade, attach it to the top side of your center, as pictured, beginning with an Ave bead.

  Continue on completing 4 more sets of decades, each separated by a Pater bead, except the last decade, which attaches directly to the other side of the center, as shown.

Thank you for becoming a Rosary Maker for Our Lady!

~ May God richly reward your work in His service ~







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