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We are most greatful to our member

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries

for providing the images and instruction for this intricate Wire Wrap.

We encourage you to view an album of Robert's extraordinary rosaries.

He has graciously allowed us to share his images and we have quoted his instructions, word for word. 

With practice and patience, we hope you will be able to master Robert's beautiful and intricate technique.

Gather your materials. You will need the pliers above.



For this exercise I am using a piece of 20 gauge wire
and a 12 MM Black Onyx bead for clarity.
The smaller the bead the less wire you will need.


Using about a 4 inch piece of wire, and your rosary pliers,
take hold of the wire about an inch down from one end.
(Notice that I do not straighten out the wire.
I use the natural curve of the wire for the whole wrap.)



Holding the wire tightly with your rosary pliers,
bend the 1 inch end of the wire towards you.
That is, I am holding the wire in the pliers in my right hand
and with my left hand I bend the wire towards me.



This is what the wire should like like after the bend.
(I let go of the wire to show you what it looks like -
in practicality- continue to hold the wire snugly.)



Roll the wire over the top of the rosary pliers
as far as it will allow you to go.


Loosen the grip of your pliers (just slightly)
and roll the pliers over- turning them away from you.
This will allow you to continue wrapping the wire to form a loop.



Here you can see where I continued rolling the wire around
to actually form the loop.


This is what your loop should look like.
Make sure the short end of the wire is now at 90 degrees
to the long end.



Hold onto the loop with your bent nose pliers.


Using your blunt end needle nose pliers (flat nose)
wrap the short end of the wire around the loop 2 times.



Cut off the end - as closely as you can -
then using your needle nose pliers
pinch the cut end down so there are no sharp ends.


This is what your first loop should look like.



Now we are ready for the bead. Slip your bead onto the wire.


 Holding onto the long end of the wire
and using your finger to keep the bead tight to the bottom loop,
get ready to bend the top wire to make your second loop.
Make sure the top wire is being bent
in the same direction as the bottom loop.
Bend the wire towards you using your fingers.



After bending the long end of the wire towards you,
grip the long end of the wire with your rosary pliers
leaving about a 16th of an inch space
between the pliers and the bead.
This is to allow you room to wrap this end of the bead.
For clarity- I am taking almost 1/8th inch away from the bead-
I will get 3 wraps out of this as opposed to 2.
I am doing this so you can see it well. 


This is what it should look like.



Using your fingers bend the long end of the wire away from you
over the rosary pliers.


Once again, loosen the grip of your plies - just slightly -
and roll the pliers over.
This is to allow you the room to continue making the loop
between the pliers and the top of the bead.
You bend the wire using your fingers.



This is what it should look like.


 Make sure your long wire is perpendicular to the 2 loops.



Holding this new loop with your bent nose pliers,
take hold of the long end of the wire with your needle nose pliers.
Grab this wire as close to the end as you can and hold tightly.
Then wrap this end with 2 wraps.
IT SHOULD BE NOTED that for explanation purposes and visibility
I left a little more space here so you could see it.
As a result I got three wraps out of it.
But you only want to leave enough room for 2 wraps.
Both ends should be identical.


After you make these 2 loops, DO NOT let go of the wire
with your needle nose pliers.
You are now going to wrap the bead.
In one continuous motion wrap the bead up to the top loop.



Here you can see how the end of the wire is going around the top loop.
Make sure you completely close this loop around the top end.


Using your wire cutters, snip the wire as close as possible.
Use your needle nose pliers to pinch this end and make sure it is closed.


This is the finished bead.
You may have to straighten the loops out a little bit
to make sure they are straight to the bead
and your loops are nice and round.
I didn't take the time to do that, as you can see...
This is quite normal to be done.




....Unless of course, you'd like to try this beautiful variation! - RosaryMakersGuide.Org