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The completed Grotto underwent renovation in September, 2013 after heavy rain and mud slide caused damage.

Click on the image of the new Grotto above to follow the story of the Grotto Project from start to finish.



We are very excited to have reached the final stage of our Grotto Project.

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The collections of funds ended on Feb 28th, 2011 with a final amount of $2950


PrayTheRosary Apostolate established a fund in February 2010 
to help raise money for the construction of
a grotto for Our Blessed Mother in Assam, India.

We were contacted by 
a missionary Priest working among the Dimasa tribe
of North East India.

We donated a percentage of the sales from
our Rosary Makers Shop online store,
as well as funds from our donors listed below, and those received through
postage donations over $1.00 for our free rosaries.




Though many church denominations have contributed
to the evangelization process in this land,
the contribution of Catholic Church
has been of great importance and well received
and appreciated by locals.

Dimasa is one of the many tribes inhabiting the NE. Dimasa’s are small of tribe
of 150,000 people living in the
North Cachar Hills district of Assam state.
This district falls under the
Diocese of Diphu in the Arch Diocese
of Guwahati, Assam.
Dimasa’s are a community of people
in their search for identity and peaceful living
in this ethnic conflict ridden land.


The grotto will be made up of cement, bricks,
iron rod and other material.
It will comprise of two cemented flat posts
measuring 20 ft each.
The foundation will be of 6 ft width,
above the ground candle stand,
over the candle stand a platform of 5 ft.
From this platform a glass enclosure
will be prepared which will house
the statute of Our Lady.
Above it will be arched roof.
The ground in front of the grotto
will be cemented in a circular shape.
The circular shape will be surrounded
by line of cemented benches
for the faithful.




Our progress

Beginning February 2010

updated 2/28/11      $ 2950.00




A Very Special Thanks to:

Bertram S.  $10.00
Bill M. benefactor of PrayTheRosary $100.00
Jen M. My darling daughter $100.00
Nada P. $50.00
Chris T. $5.00
Jan - Feb Rose Garden @ 20% $75.92
Robert's Heirloom Rosaries $30.00
Michael H. $4.00
Nick M. $4.00
Donations - St. Mary's, KS $40.00
Rosicler H.  $20.00
Douglas & Ana A.  $25.00
Ed B.  $2.00
anonymous $10.00
Bank "Refer a Friend" fee $50.00
March - Rose Garden @ 10% 34.10
Carol A. $40.00
Simon J. $25.00
Apostolate Greeting Card Sales - $150.00  (Good work Kevin ! )
April  - Rose Garden Sales @ 10% $30.85
Florence & Bernard M.  $4.00
James M. $30.00
Grace C. $20.00
Bank Account Promotional Fees $190.00
anonymous $4.00
Mike M. my generous son $25.00
misc. anonymous 17.42
May-Rose Garden Sales @ 10% $36.80
Apostolate Greeting Card Sales - $83.75
Apostolate Holy Card Sales - $37.75 (Top Salesman Kevin! Thank you!)
Theresa B. kindred spirit $5.00
Barb W. $3.00
Mary A. $1.00
June-Rose Garden Sales @ 10% $33.68
June Apostolate Greeting Card Sales - $42.00 (Way to go Kevin!)
Kim F. $20.00
Robert A. $4.00
Jeanine Z. $4.00
Kiersten M. $1.00
July-Rose Garden Sales @ 10% $36.27 
Mary M.  $50.00
miscelaneous  $1.71
anonymous  $1.00
Scott C.  faithful suporter $20.00
anonymous $35.00
August Rose Garden Sales @ 10% $38.20
Joni W. Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you so much! $100.00
Lisa B. $4.00
Kathleen S. $3.17
John R. $2.00
September Holy Card & Magnet Sales - THANK YOU KEVIN! $67.00
September Rose Garden sales @10% $55.80
Scott C. - You are a gem! Thank you! $20.00
Fannie T. $2.00
Michael C. $2.00
October Rose Garden Sales @ 10% $41.20
Leonard L. $4.00
Bertram S. faithful supporter $10.00
Mary Ellen G. faithful supporter $25.00
November Rose Garden sales @10% $40.20
Bank Account Promotion fee $125.00
Thanksgiving Greeting Card Sales - KEVIN GOOD WORK! $60.00
Anonymous Cash donations  $9.00
Bertram S. $10.00
December Rose Garden Sales @ 10%  $43.32
Ella S. $3.00
Douglas & Ana A.  faithful supporters $25.00
Steve R. Thank you so much! God bless you! $100.00
Christmas Greeting Cards Sales $127.00 Kevin TOP SALESMAN!
Darlene K.  $3.00
January Rosary Makers Shop sales @ 10% 53.32
Bertram S. $20.00 - God bless you!
Apostolate St Valentine's Day candle sales - $84.00
Zeb S. $1.00
Mary Ellen G. $25.00
Rob M. reimburse postage $10.00
In the name of the 9 Meier Grandchildren $45.54
Catherine C. $200.00  Many, many thanks! May God bless you!

Feb. Rosary Makers Shop sales @ 10%  $39.00
February Apostolate Votive Candle sales $40.00  Thank you Kevin!