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 Findings are all the parts of your rosary except the beads:

These components may be made of various metals, from Sterling Silver, to Gold Electroplate,
or the most commonly used for mission chain rosaries, what is referred to as "base metal,"
a collective term for any and all non-precious metals.

Nickel Silver makes for beautiful components
and is the most affordable.








One could also use 14k or 22k gold findings.
While these parts are very beautiful, gold is a soft metal, and the cost is prohibitive for most people
who have a desire to own a rosary they will actually use.

"Heirloom" Rosaries, made with precious stones and 14k gold or other precious materials, are passed on through a family,
but  kept in a box for years, and never used.

You will want to make your rosary with beautiful parts, but also ensure the strength and durability of the rosary.