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Care & Cleaning of Those Beautiful Rosaries




Any mild dishwashing liquid works well.
Avoid harsh kitchen cleaners and "degreasers."

Swish the Rosary together warm water
and a little liquid .
Gently wash the parts with a soft cloth.
Rinse very well in warm water.

Pat the Rosary dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Allow the Rosary to air dry before storing.


Commercial Jewelry Cleaners, such as these, 
come with a small, soft brush,
and are safe for cleaning
MOST Beads and Findings.

See below for special handling of certain parts.


Make use of the little basket
to dip your Rosary in the cleaning solution.

Swish it around for just a few seconds,
then lift the basket out draining off the excess fluid.
Clean beads with a soft cloth under warm running water until all the solution is thoroughly rinsed off.



A Rosary made with Sterling Silver Findings
which is handled regularly, will not tarnish.
However some people experience
an allergic reaction to silver.
It doesn't hurt them
   ...but it does turn the Silver black.
A silver-polishing cloth will restore the Sterling parts to look like brand new.

When polishing Sterling Silver,
you may want to use a commercial silver cleaning cloth,  like those shown above. 






Can you clean a Rusty Rosary?

Rust is that red or orange coating that forms on the surface of metal
when exposed to air and moisture,
consisting chiefly of ferric hydroxide and ferric oxide formed by oxidation.

In present times, most rosary parts will not rust
unless stored in moist conditions, in water, or left unused.

Although various sites on the internet tout the removal of rust by using a solution of water and AlkaSeltzer, we found that it has no effect on the rust. However, it did a fine job of cleaning all the types of rosaries we cleaned, from sterling parts to pearls, and it did no harm.

We did not immerse antiqued metal in the solution for fear the antiquing would dissolve.  

Vinegar, baking soda, Cola, and citrus juice are all recommended also...

but we haven't had much luck with these either! 




If you should have any questions about cleaning parts

that we have not covered,

please just let us know and we will do our best to help.





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