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katie weatherford
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.. it was when I started making cord rosaries over a year ago. It's a blessing because I am disabled and it's something I can do in my chair.  I make them for our church. I deliver a set of all I have made during the year on the Feast Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary, May 31st.  That is my birthday and I love to anonymously put a basket of them (although some have caught on it's me), each in a small linen bag, with instructions in case they want to give one to someone who has never said, or forgotten how to, pray the rosary.  

It gives me so much delight to give in this way.   My cord rosaries use the standard missionary crucifix, and I use wooden beads for teh Our Father beads.  

I have moved on to wired rosaries now as well, and am proficient in making the chain and wire stringing the beads, but I still struggle making the bows. :+)  But all in good time!  

I am so happy to be among you, and I hope I can contribute to others in need outside my church. 

Godd Bless,

~ katie

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D. Wright RN
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What a delightful service.  We have a rosary basket in the back of the church that i add to too.  I havent tried my hand at wire rosaries...yet.  One of my residents that I care for has a broken rosary that I think will inspire me to get the tools to fix it.  I have given a few of my rosaries to residents at my nursing home.  I enjoy encouraging them in their prayers...often they take comfort in it, when they are in pain or mental distress.



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As a newly retired/disabled "senior" I prayed for a ministry that I could do at home. One morning as I woke up I "heard" "make rosaries". My thought was "who me, I don't know how to make rosaries.


A couple weeks later I bid on a large lot of rosaries on Ebay that needed repair and won it for $52.00. I had found a $50.00 bill in a purse I bought while out to estate sales and garage sales and saved it for something special.


By repairing the rosaries I taught myself how to make chain rosaries. A bit later I figured out how to make the bead/cord rosaries. This was about September 2012.


I've sent rosaries to India and Venezuela and donated them to a local Franciscan Friary. The Franciscans asked me to make Prolife rosaries which I do intermittently.


I also repair rosaries for parishioners from my church in Anoka, MN. It is most rewarding to fix a treasured family heirloom and think of all the years of prayers that have been said with a particular rosary.


This ministry is truly a gift from God! :)



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Mary Meier
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Thanks RosaryMaker12 for sharing your story. It sounds like Our Lady not only prompted the desire to make rosaries, but "provided" the means to get started with that special $50 find!  So many we hear from think they may not be able to become a Rosary Maker, but your story is sure to inspire anyone who feels that little promptoing in their heart. May we encourage all to give it a try! Warning! Rosary making is addictive.    : )

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