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I first started making rosaries while I was in the RCIA class at St. Pius X. I remember holding a rosary that had been given to me, and thinking, “I can do this too”. I thank God for the inspiration to make rosaries and I thank him for the song in my heart to make them for more than just one person. Soon after my son and I’s confirmation, I joined “Our Lady’s Rosary Makers” and have made rosaries for missions who have requested them. Now I am looking at expanding and broadening my horizons and trying my hand at making scapulars for the same purpose. For me, there is no greater joy than making rosaries, and soon, scapulars, for those who do not have them. Thank you, God for showing me these beautiful treasures. :D


‎"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter" - Job 8:21

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Mary Meier
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Thank you Kristi for sharing  your experience with us. And welcome home!

Such an intimate relationship we rosary makers share with Our Lady! 

She calls us to closer union with Her Divine Son through the Holy Rosary,

and she relies on the humble work of our hands to make the rosaries which will be delivered to others she will call to that same union.

The Rosary indeed is that "sweet chain that binds." 

We wish you best of success in becoming a scapular maker. We off instructions on site,

 and beginner kits to get you started. If you need any help, please just ask.

May our Blessed Lord keep you and Our Lady guide you in all you do!


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