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Tom O'Neil
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Hi Everyone, I've been making cord Rosaries for some time now. I started making chain Rosaries, this last week. The first three came out nice, hung straight and didn't tangle. These were made with eye pins I made with 20 gauge wire, with loops at 3mm. The last one I made were with eye pins I purchased, the eye loop, was 1 to 1.5 mm. I strung the rosary, when I was done the rosary tangled every time I picked it up. Is this because of the small loops? Is there a fix? Or do I have to cut it up.






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Hi Tom,

Happy to hear you have been making Rosaries. Good for you! It is a blessed occupation because all the little mishaps help us grow in virtue. Let's see if we can help with the problem of tangling.

Have a look at our Eyepins, Jumprings and Chain page.  The wire gauge and eye loop size sound about right, so we are guessing the problem may be whether your loops are "perpendicular" to each other.  This term is explained and illustrated on that page. This is the most common cause of tangling. If you believe that is the problem, no need to dissemble the Rosary. Using flat nose or your Rosary Pliers, grasp the circle of the loop and turn it to the proper direction. Turn slowly and only once, as too many turns will actually snap the metal.

Regarding the size of the loop, the 1.5mm loop must leave enough room for the next link to freely move within the circle of the loop. This can be accomplished by turning a more oval than round loop.

Let us know if you need further help.

Best of success with your Rosary Making!

-Rosary Makers Guide Team

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Any opinions on the 1-step Eye Looper being sold for making eye pins?  It looks to me like the resulting loop won't be as snug as a hand-formed one.


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