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I bought one of your kits and made my first rosary (rather badly, but I made it). Your guide to eyepins, jump rings, bead size are excellent. 

However, I'm confused on size of cable chain. What size cable chain was included in the kit and what size should I buy for different bead sizes, 3 mm chain, 4mm chain ?



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Mary Meier
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Hi Theresa,

I'm happy to learn you made a Rosary! Keep it up! You can only get better! If you need specific help on technique, we're here to help.

Thanks for your question. The chain included in our Kit is open link cable chain, 2mm. This size should work well with up to 8mm size bead. Most Rosaries are made with 6 to 8mm beads.  Any larger bead might possibly be used to make a Habit Rosary, in which case a thicker cable chain is used. Not only are the individual links larger, but the thickness of each link is greater. To get an idea of size comparison, think of the size of the 3mm jumpring used to attach the Center. The larger jumpring used to attach the Crucifix in our Kit is a 4mm.  This will help you picture how large the links in that size chain will be.

Vendors may also list the "gauge" of chain, which is how thick the links are. To learn about gauge, try our Pliers and Wires page. Before buying online, you will do well to familiarize yourself with length and gauge of chain by examining the different types in person, at a craft or jewelry store. The vendors listed on our Best Rosary Parts Supply page all provide the proper, standard size chain used for Rosary making.

Hope that helps! - Mary

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