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good morning everyone!

About a year ago, I had wanted to start making rosaries and scapulars, but life got in the way!  But, I am now back on track and want to start making rosaries and scapulars. Here is a question: I noticed that scapular kits only come with two scapulars. Do I have to order multipule kits or is there a way to get a kit with more scapulars. Also, do these kits come with full instructions on how to make the scapulars?

Thanks for all your help.


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Mary Meier
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Hello Donna and welcome!

All of our Kits are designed for the BEGINNER, to help "get your feet wet" so to speak. Beginners wont need to invest in large quantities of supplies just to give it a try. Once you make your first Rosary or Scapular, we feel you will want to become a lifelong servant in "Our Lady's Rose Garden."  We provide listings for our favorite vendors right here on site once you are ready to order in bulk.

You will love our instruction booklets; fully illustrated step by step guides to become proficient in making Rosaries and Scapulars are included with each style Kit. We do hope you will try one of our Beginner Kits soon!

Hope that helps.

- - Rosary Makers Guide

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