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i started making chotki beads about 5 months ago.and prayer beads,there different from the other prayer beads,i use plastic very pretty beads,i make them in lengths of 33 beads,50 beads.i have a long line of nice colors.im just not sure what prayers i can put in with them if anyone want to buy one.i need prayers i can use without getting into trouble.if anyone can help email or let me know here.thank you and god bless all nettie
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Hi Nettiel and welcome to our group!

Try this link for prayer which could be included with your Chotki beads.



Hope that helps! God bless you.

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thank you so much.i rented a booth at ourlocal flea market here in livingstonso i could display my beads,and sell them.im waiting on nwew supplys to come.im making alot of different lengths.hope to hear from all,nettiel
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Mary Meier
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Glad we could help! Best of success with your booth!

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Mary Meier at 01:04PM on Aug 13, 2009

Glad we could help! Best of success with your booth!

Being a convert, I was not aware of this practice. I have read up on this and what a lovely peasceful way to help keep Christ in your heart.

Our ladies guild makes prayer quilts these would be a nice idea to inclyude with the quilts. I think I will approach the guild to see if they would like for me to make some of these so they can present them along with the quilts.

Thank you for this topic. What a blessing!

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For your consideration....we read on this chotkis.com

"....we would never consider making a chotki from Rudraksha beads, as they are traditionally used for Hindu malas, and to use such a bead in a Chotki is an insult to the Eastern Churches. Instead, as Byzantine Catholics ourselves, we choose materials and colors suited to the cultural and religious heritages of the Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox peoples. "

     Admittedly, we do not know the standards for Roman Catholics to go outside of their faith tradition to adapt the practices of the eastern churches. This might be something we would want to ask a priest about....

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hi,and thank you all,ive been down for awhile with shoulder surgery,and havent been able to do much.but im getting better daily,im not making them anymore,im making one decade rosaries now,and the 5 decade rosarys,if you know a need for them and where please let me know,my email.thank you, nettiel
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