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Attach Crucifix & Center with Wrapped Loop



The wrapped loop used to attach the Crucifix and Center is formed in a similar way as when attaching beads, but the coils are wrapped from both ends until they meet in the center.

Cut a piece of wire about 2 inches long. Form a sharp angle (90 degree) as usual as you would for a wrapped loop.

Bend the wire over the right shaft of rosary pliers.

Switch to the left shaft and continue making the wrap.

Leave the loop slightly open.

Slip the Crucifix into the open loop.

Anchor the wire loop with Pliers as shown
before completing the wrap.

Wrap the wire as usual to form 3 coils around the tail.

Snip off the excess wire close in to the coils.

Tuck and Temper the end cut by gently squeezing
with Flat (or chain) Nose Pliers.

Mark a space for the next 90 degree bend, the same width as the already formed coils. You'll be making a second wrapped loop that meets in the middle.


Begin wrap as usual, switching from right to left shaft of pliers. Try to keep this wrap as close and uniform as the first wrapped loop.

Wrap coils until you meet the other cut end.

Snip excess off with Flush Cutters.

Snip in as close as possible.


Tuck and Temper ends by a gentle squeeze
with your flat nose pliers.

Your finished double Wrapped Loop
should look like the one shown above.

Attach double Wrapped Loops to your Center Piece
using exactly the same method.