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Originally posted by Robert's Heirloom Rosaries on 8/10/12

Hello Mary and all Members of the Group-

Marie- Fanchon of Washington State wrote me this very nice note. It appears she learned how to wire-wrap from the instructions on the site and I provided her some sources for parts. She wanted to post a message on Rosary Makers about her experience but it appears she is having trouble and may require some guidance and assistance on your end. She is new to the computer like we all were at one time or another. She asked if I would post the message she sent to me on the site and will follow up with another post once her access is straightened out and she can understand how to post with some additional guidance.

Here is her lovely note:


Dear Mr. Dempsey,

I cannot thank you enough for this information. You will be in my prayers forever, for your kindness.

Last night, I raided my jewelry box for all the old beads and broken bracelets, etc that I could find and I sat down and made a tenner for my husband, using some of those things just to proove to myself that I really could do this. I used some 6mm beigy-brown sandstone beads with one 10mm turquoise bead. I put a pewter mariner's crucufix and a small Stella Maris medal at one end and a tiny stringer of six pewter fish on the other end. (My husband is an avid fisherman.) To say that he is delighted with it is something of a British understatement. I haven't seen him this excited over something since the year I gave him a set of electric trains for Christmas (he was about 50 then). Everyplace we've been this morning he's managed to drag that tenner out of his pocket and show it to anyone who would stand still for 10 have truly given me a gift through your Rosary Maker's Guide and your info that you cannot possibly imagine the magnitude of. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I wish you all the love and blessings that the world and God can possibly bestow on someone.



Robert's Heirloom Rosaries

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam inque hominum salutem

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Reply originally posted by RosaryMakers on 8/10/12

Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for passing along Marie's lovely note. You are very kind to "share the lauds" with us, but the honors go to you dear friend of Rosary Makers Guide for allowing us use of your images for our Intricate Wire Wrap page. Your method produces the most beautiful wrap; the page always gets many hits so we know others have learned well from your expert instructions.


Hopefully Marie can now post to the boards as her new membership has been approved. So we will look forward to seeing your work soon Marie! So happy your husband liked his "tenner" and was so proud of your work to show it off. (A tenner is a one-decade strand of beads)


Thanks and God bless both of you!


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Reply originally posted by Marie-Fanchon Nezat on 8/13/12

OK,it's taken a little while, but MAYBE I have this posting thing figured out now. Thank you Robert for posting my note until I got some internet lessons form the 6-year old across the hall :-)


To all of you who want to try this wire-wrapping technique which is explained so clearly on the beginner's part of this Guide, I say go for it! I did and it worked (although I wracked up a heavy load of penance for swearing along the way . I went to the craft store and bought a huge ecomony sized back of 10mm UGLY plastic beads and the cheapest 20 guage aluminum wire I could find, and by the time I'd worked my way through the bag I had this tecnique down. Now, it seems so natural to me that I can't figure out why I was so discouraged when I started!

I made a Tenner for my husband, an avid fisherman, using sandstone beads and one large turquoise bead. One one end I put a pewter Mariner's cross and a small Stella Maris medal (protection against hurricanes and other calamities at sea), and on the tail end, I put a small stringer of six little pewter fish and a fish hook charm. My husband LOVES it!

I've been collecting all the parts to make a rosary for myself in white, wine, mossy green and pearls and those silver beads that look like cluster of grapes (my husband laughingly refers to it as the "Our Lady of the Grappa" rosary (Mea culpa if I offend anyone with my slight irreverence), but I've now put that project aside to make a rosary for my little Internet-wizard friend. She wants a *real* rosary (her rosary is one of those glow-in-the-dark string rosaries intended for (quote) "babies". I found really beautiful resin beads with a silver foil background, tiny pink roses and a deep metallic cherry swirl for the Paters and the palest pink cat's eye resin bead for the Aves. I'll use a pewter cross and centerpiece. Is anyone familiar with the colored wires? I saw some pale pick wire that would be perfect and I want to know how well it holds up as to retaining it color, etc, with use. Vickie is the orignal *pink* girl and she would love the pink wire.

I want to thank all the people associated with the Rosary Maker's Guide for all their extremely patient help in talking me through the registration process, which I kept messing up somehow and they kept having to straighten out.

Most especially I want to thank Robert of Robert's Heirloom Rosaries for all the invaluable help he has given me. My drooling over his beautiful, beautiful work (can anyone spell c-o-v-e-t?) is what led me on this journey to learn the technique so I could replace the rosary I lost several years ago after having had it for 46 years. Robert, if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, just email me and there's a big pot of andouille gumbo and a plate of crawfish ettouffee just waiting for you!

Sincerely, Marie-Fanchon

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