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Ok so my local priest has assigned me to make scapulars for him. A lady in my parish told me she used to make them but the glue will mess up the sewing machine. Does anybody know how to make a scapular without messing up your sewing machine or is there a particular type of sewing machine to use or is there an easier way to do it? Thank you
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Mary Meier
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Hello new Scapular Maker,

We have been making Scapulars for years and years and have never had our sewing machine get messed up from the glue. Scapular Sheets used to be available, made on a material called "gutta percha." It was like a very stiff paper and the adhesive on back would melt right into the wool creating a great bond. You would melt the glue first with an iron, and then stitch on the machine, per our instructions. If the glue has been melted at the proper temperature, and then alolowed to cool, it should not have any affect on the sewing needle or machine. Please let us know what type materials you will be using, so we can help firgure out what the problem may be.

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Phillip D Ford
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I recently took a sewing class and my instructor taught us to use Elmer's WASHABLE School Glue. This is in a tube in any school supply section, just apply to the back of your front piece of the Scapular place on the wool press with a low temp iron and sew (Make sure no steam is used). That is if you are making them one at at time. The Sheets Mary was talking about can be purchased this is where I get most of my supplies for rosaries, scapulars, etc. This site sells in bulk, and also has supplies. Also if you sign up for their emails, you get up to 70% off. Hope this helps, if I can be of anymore help you can reach me at [email protected] Phil, Lebanon, IN
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